Silverwood, French leader in planed products, offers a range of all-wood solutions for professionals in the home and construction industry.
  • Cladding
  • Panelling
  • Decks
  • Outdoor structural timber
  • Other indoor and outdoor planed wood solutions

The French brand Silverwood®, created in 1991, initially built its reputation on cladding products, before extending its offering to other planed products. Silverwood® sells to generalist traders and specialists alike throughout France, for projects related to individual housing as well as larger-scale projects, whether collective or tertiary.

25 business managers support our clients to advise them on the offer.


Many products today require consulting and training. Silverwood’s sales force is therefore increasingly dedicated to the commercial development of its value-added planed products and new products for craftsmen and consultants, thus positioning itself as a business provider for its distributor customers.

Products should not only be beautiful, they must be available. The strength of Silverwood® also lies in its stock levels for a range of identified products, to effectively meet demand and a well-established logistics organisation, to guarantee zero defect delivery in France, from our Breton logistics platform.

Silverwood follows the market demand, developing new products and services with a simple principle: to promote wood as the material of tomorrow and to make it accessible to the greatest number of people.

As an active player in the wood sector, Silverwood is unique. Two recent initiatives reflect the brand’s ability to innovate in a disruptive way.

    New in France, Wood Designer is a configurator that revolutionises the timber cladding market with the possibility of creating its façade project in 4 stages. Wood Designer is a genuine prescription tool designed for professionals and non professionals alike, which configures wooden claddings in real time with immediate costing. Discover Wood Designer.
    Woodalisa brings unprecedented innovation to the interior design sector, pushing back the boundaries of our imagination by printing directly on wood. Woodalisa lets its creativity run free, offering wood creations with very trendy designs and customised solutions for your interior decoration. Discover Woodalisa

A pioneer in colour cladding…

Timber cladding first appeared in France in the 70s and 80s. It initially consisted of planed or rough sawnwood, without finishing; a plain façade covering, without any true industrial added value, except for the planing process.

Then, in the late 1980s, Silverwood innovated and revolutionised the timber cladding market in France, launching Extrawood, the first timber cladding with a coloured finish. The range, featuring a 10-year guarantee for the paintwork and a selection of around twenty colours, soon grew and found its target segment.

Painted cladding is still the brand’s top-selling product today, despite customers opting for more natural-looking finishes such as the saturator, which was added to Silverwood’s range in recent years.