Wood is the future

Metal was the material of the 19th century...
Concrete was the materials of the 20th century...
Wood will be the material of the 21st century!

Throughout history, people have used wood to build homes and means of transport… This material has survived the centuries without ever losing its lustre. As an inexhaustible resource, wood nurtures our collective imagination, creating a feeling of well-being thanks to its virtuous nature.

At ISB Group we love wood and want to promote it across France.

In a world that needs to reinvent itself and create a more sustainable lifestyle, we are convinced that timber will play a major role in construction and interior design. The high wooden buildings that come out of the ground show that timber can meet major challenges.

ISB Group and its brands strive daily to invent the digital and innovative timber industry of the future, with a focus on the environment, materials and human welfare.

We firmly believe that WOOD IS THE FUTURE.

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