Wood as a material of the future

Wood, a material of the 21st century ?
What is so special about it ?
What has made this millennial material become so popular ?

For centuries, wood has inspired mankind.

This malleable, easy to shape material is natural, healthy and renewable. It is a noble material; ultimately a mindset and a lifestyle. Whether you value wood or not, it holds many virtues. Do you know which ones?

Associated with comfort and authenticity, wood is drawing more and more enthusiasts for its many advantages.

  • Wood is a fire-resistant material. It burns slowly, disseminates heat 10 times slower than concrete and 250 times slower than steel. It retains its mechanical and bearing capacity longer than other materials.
  • Wood contributes to thermal efficiency. With a wooden house, heat loss is limited and energy efficiency is improved.
  • Wood absorbs carbon, at a value of one tonne of CO² per cubic metre of wood and releases the oxygen we need to live.
  • Wood is light, quick to implement, flexible and resilient. It is therefore the ideal material for construction. It is compatible with dry construction processes and therefore reduces construction times.
  • Wood blends perfectly into the landscape and allows great architectural freedom
  • Wood is a healthy material, it does not emit harmful gases and it regulates humidity in a room.

Wood is indeed a responsible and eco-friendly option. In a society where unrestrained consumption leads to the depletion of resources, wood is also a choice of the future for future generations.

Did you know ?

The forest-wood sector in France represents about 400,000 jobs and 60,000 companies.