Wood710 is the maintenance and renovation specialist for timber cladding and decks.

Following an assessment by a professional, Wood710 will recommend the service you need thanks to 3 intervention areas.

  • Cleaning
  • Renovation
  • Replacement

With its brand Silverwood, ISB Group has been the leading timber cladding and deck manufacturer in France for more than 30 years. With its expertise in this material, which requires a lot of care, knowledge and skills, the group created Wood710 to renovate ageing timber cladding.

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Although wood is increasingly popular in France, customers are often put off by maintenance requirements. Wood710 strives to remedy this to develop the use of timber on façades by creating a virtuous circle. The better the wood is maintained, the more it will be able to develop and convince public or private contracting authorities.

Assessment, a key phase

Prior to any intervention and even before any estimate, Wood710 will assess your wooden façade, using a checklist of 115 items. It will identify a number of elements.

  • The nature of your cladding based on criteria such as wood species or finish
  • The wood’s degree of deterioration
  • Customers’ expectations

A preliminary assessment is key to good renovation work. It is an absolute prerequisite to guarantee work according to best practices.

What exactly is Wood710 ?

For the record, Wood710 pays tribute to the world’s oldest wooden building, the Horyu-ji Buddhist temple in Japan, built in 710 and which has stood the test of time owing to the care it has received over the centuries.

This building is evidence to the extreme sustainability of this amazing material, provided it receives the care it deserves.

Timber cladding is a natural, insulating and aesthetically pleasing material. Wood will make your house or building unique. It drives the innovative and creative streak for a customised architecture. It is a sustainable material, provided it receives appropriate maintenance.

Long live wood…