Our raw wood arrives by boat (bulk) and our panels/plywood by container from Russia, Scandinavia, Asia, and America to ports on the Atlantic coast and the English Channel. Accordingly, our sites have therefore quite naturally been established near the major French ports.

ISB Group operates several sites in France, distributed as follows :

  • 1 head office in Bruz, Ille-et-Vilaine (35)
  • 5 plants in Moult (14), Honfleur (14), Saint-Malo (35), Nantes (44) and Rochefort (17)
  • 7 logistics platforms

5 of these 7 platforms are import platforms: 5 in the coastal cities mentioned above and Miramas (13) under remote management. We also have 2 finished product storage platforms in Bruz (35) and Rochefort (17).