Keys figures

For 50 years, ISB Group has uncompromisingly advocated the ‘Made in France’ quality, relying on the expertise of its employees. Over the years and with growing volumes to process, the company has transitioned from an industrial company to a wood logistics company. Each year, thousands of m3 of timber are processed by our hubs, factories and platforms, with the sole objective of satisfying our customers.

Our 430-strong workforce works in 11 sites in France, including the head office in Pacé, Ille-et-Vilaine (35). Our high-performance production units, at the leading edge of the latest planing technologies, are primarily located near ports, the points of delivery of most of our timber.

  • Certifié

    €233 million turnover

  • Bois

    780,000 m3 of timber supplied per year

  • Sites de production

    7,000,000 m² of timber processed per year

  • 26,000 m3 of finished products in stock